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Using Google Adwords within patient recruitment and how this can benefit your company

Google AdWords falls under the category of SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM is how you advertise your website via search engines and within this there is an organic search and a paid search.

Organic Searches

Organic search is based on the natural rankings of websites. This is determined by three points; the content, links, and genuine growth of your website.

Based on the keywords and content on your website, search algorithms will rank your website when people use certain search terms. If you identify the keywords and content that matter to your site and include that in text form on your website, it can help your organic search results and the responses you receive. Although, organic search growth works over a period and patience can be key, so paid search is an alternative option.

Paid Searches

A paid search allows you to promote your website when consumers type in specific keywords. There are many search engines and google is used the most in comparison to others. Google have a paid for platform called Google AdWords. Google AdWords allows businesses to purchase keywords or phrases that trigger ads to appear on the search results page. The more keywords that you include within your Google Adwords profile, the more likely it is that your webpage will appear on google search.

For specifics in patient recruitment, I would recommend taking several steps:

-Identify the keywords that matter to your site and protocol. What search terms are your target audience using. Do some research into other companies around you and think carefully about your audience and age specifics.

  • Use Google Trends, Google Autocomplete, and Google AdWords Keyword Planner to complete some keyword research. This will help you plan out your thoughts and ideas before getting started.
  • Update your current website with those keywords to improve your organic search results.
  • Setting a budget is key. Determine how much per day you can spend on search advertising.
  • Bid on the top keywords that matter to you with your per-day budget. Do your research first to find out what’s best for your company.
  • Track your results and optimize your keywords as your recruitment campaign continues. Creating a spreadsheet to collate your results will help bring an understanding.

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