Using Facebook advertising for clinical trial recruitment

Our extensive experience in patient recruitment and clinical trial advertising enables us to tackle many of the challenges our clients maybe having, to propose the right solutions and to deliver quality referrals. We find Facebook to be extremely effective in helping with volunteer and patient referrals, and below is a step-by-step guide to building a Facebook advertisement for your campaign:

Identify your goals

Every advertisement campaign needs a solid list of goals and objectives behind it, and Facebook is no exception. To ensure optimal outcomes, it’s best to have a solid definition of what success looks like at the outset.
Awareness, consideration, and conversion are Facebook’s three categories for campaign goals. Each of these goals are designed to help you appropriately target users as they reach different stages of their path to treatment. Depending on the scope and objectives of your trial, they may or may not be applicable. The majority of active clinical trials will opt for conversion, which will enable you to track your success (and spend your budget) on qualified online referrals, rather than impressions or on-platform social actions.

Define your Audience

Once you’ve chosen the objective of your campaign, the next step is defining your target audience.
Facebook’s Audience Insights feature can help clinical trials get even more granular, identifying interest areas and demographic data. By using this tool, a trial can target people who have joined specific interest groups, or even determine the age and gender breakdown of their audience.

Set your Budget

Wondering about costs? Facebook makes it easy to control spending, allowing you to choose how much you want to spend overall, or defining how much you’re willing to pay per action. In addition, you can set limits on the daily or total spend, ensuring you don’t exceed your total marketing budget or blow through it in a matter of days, making it easy for you to keep control and there being no need to worry.
The actual cost of an individual advertisement will highly depend on how valuable the viewer is, when and where the advertisement is placed, and several other factors. Try not to pay too much attention to each advertisement on its own and focus instead on the bigger picture.

Decide where to run the ad

After you’ve narrowed your audience down, you need to decide where to run your advertisements. Clinical trials aren’t necessarily limited to Facebook’s platform, they can also display on Facebook-owned properties like Messenger and Instagram, which are great for reaching younger audiences, and on other properties within the

Facebook Audience Network

Whether trials take advantage of these features depends on the audience they’re trying to target. If you know that potential patients are heavy mobile users, Messenger and Instagram might make sense. If not, you might want to stick with the Facebook platform. Think carefully about the audience you want to reach and who will bring the best outcome.

To find out more about how we can build a bespoke digital outreach campaign and to hear more about our global recruitment services drop us an email or give us a call and speak to one of our team: – +44 (0) 1992 566 717

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