Podcast advertising for clinical trial recruitment

Podcast advertising represents a great way to build connections with potential volunteers and patients.

Podcasting growth is sky-rocketing – in the UK alone, a staggering 9 million people now listen to a podcast every week, up from approximately six million last year. Podcasts have experienced major changes during the COVID-19 pandemic – global podcast consumption has increased significantly from March to April, growing 42%.

Why should clinical trials advertise on podcasts?

Podcast content tends to be more personalised and intimate than many other types of media. Listeners often feel connected to podcast hosts, and thus are inclined to try the products or services they feature in their ads. What is more, because podcasting — and podcast advertising in particular — is less established than other forms of media advertising, they have opportunity to get ahead of their competition.

Some pharma companies and other healthcare leaders have even developed their own podcasts as a way to build credibility and reach new audiences.

Podcasts are unique in that they offer the chance to develop both host-endorsed and non-endorsed ads. Given the nature of clinical trials, non-endorsed ads will likely be more effective unless a host has a personal connection with a given condition or study. These ad segments are recorded in advance and inserted into a podcast episode at a predetermined spot. They can generally be served on several different podcasts and can be precisely scheduled and targeted.

Some background research needs to be done to determine which strategies will work best for the audiences. For instance, when recruiting for an Alzheimer’s clinical trial, marketers may want to focus on podcasts that deal with Dementia and Alzheimer’s or that target an older demographic. Facebook support groups are also a great way to reach people and their families with this condition.

Ultimately, a combination of innovative, cross-platform, digital marketing strategies are likely to produce the best results and help clinical trials reach their recruitment goal on time and to budget.

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