How to use hashtags for your business

Hashtags have become a vital tool in how a business markets themselves on social media, helping to increase your exposure. Hashtags are used like keywords, allowing users to search topics and engage in conversation.

The engagement that hashtags create is incredibly important, with statistics showing tweets that include hashtags receive two times their typical engagement. However, hashtags require more work than sticking a number symbol in front of words. Research into keywords is important to make sure you choose ones that will best relate to your business and bring the desired success.

Here are some ways to utilise hashtags to the advantage of your social media strategy:


Local hashtags are best suited to businesses that have a local presence, helping you engage and connect with customers that are nearby.

These hashtags will help keep track of what is trending in your local area, from there you will identify the relevance you have to local trends and events and capitalise on that to gain exposure.

Brand Awareness

A unique brand hashtag is an effective way to inspire your customers to create a conversation and community around your products and services.

It’s important that your hashtag is punchy and catchy to stick in the mind of your customer.


Weighing in on trending topics is an excellent way to have your business seen by a group larger than your typical audience.

There are staple hashtags such as annual holidays and events, it’s important to jump on trends that are relevant to your business or products to ensure maximum success and exposure with your target audience.

Community Building

Social media platforms now allow you to follow individual hashtags, this works to the advantage of businesses as it allows you to create communities and boost your branding and reputation.

Learn What Works for You

Researching, utilising, and monitoring your hashtags should be an ongoing process, refining your strategy to ensure you are getting the most out of it.

Engage in Conversation with Your Audience

Engaging in conversation on certain topics will help you enhance your reputation as a personal, friendly brand and encourage users to utilise your services.

Change Strategy for Specific Platforms

Learning about your platforms, how they cater to hashtags, and their effectiveness makes it easier to interchange posts to execute your desired results.

Number of Hashtags

Overuse of hashtags can take away from your message and fail to attract your desired audience.

Less is more, using one or two shorter, specific hashtags is more visually appealing on the eye, making it more memorable and create a bigger impact.

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