54% of patients seek advice from online communities

Reaching clinical trial recruitment targets, in time and within budget is a constant struggle for many sponsors, researchers and CRO’s alike. Communicating the correct message to a target audience and sourcing individuals who could potentially qualify for clinical trials can be expensive and time consuming. Methods such as contacting GP’s, leafleting and print adverts can too be a costly and are not always effective.

However, a targeted, bespoke and cost-efficient route to market is online-marketing. Social media in particular can make recruitment much more affordable and can reach a huge audience during their online, personal browsing time. This method of advertising will also assist in building awareness of your study, encouraging people to visit your website and register their interest.

Here are some facts to start:

More than 40% of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health. (source: Mediabistro)

From a recent study, 54% of patients are very comfortable with their providers seeking advice from online communities to better treat their conditions. (source: Mediabistro)

For companies with an open trial, online-marketing extends your reach a lot more than your immediate geographic area and helps to solve problems such as trial-finding enough qualified people quickly.

Social media demographics – Facebook is the main social media page that allows you to target your advertising to just those users who fall into certain demographic categories/areas, such as women over 50 who live in London. This allows you to limit your advertising to only those people who could apply for your open trial.

Getting the word out on social media before the trial. If you have a social media account, you could answer questions and concerns via your page to help squelch concerns that might otherwise cause some participants to decide against the trial. If you use it in the right ways, social media can provide a non-threatening forum for discussing such concerns. If you do post on your social media, you could link an online survey which may also be used for online visitors who have expressed an interest in the trial and can find our more.

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